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Being immersed in the media industry for over 30 years has taught Pam O’Connor a great deal about the integral relationship between media agencies and companies from around the world. The relationship which should be one of mutual understanding and clear, concise evaluation has become, in the eyes of Pam, a murky pool of clouded interpretation.

With over 70 years of experience between them,
Co-Founder and veteran of the media industry Diana Saul, resonated greatly with Pam’s observations about the increasingly opaque industry.
Together, with the integral aid of Media Assistant Rebecca Triaca, the team aim to eradicate unidentified published base rates, agencies that guarantee percentage discounts and non-verified added value, media monitoring being managed in house by agencies and commissions that are far from transparent.

Acting without any fear and with definitely no favours, the passionate team acknowledge that their clients are brand owners and the relationship they share should be based on clear communication, accountability and most importantly, transparency. Without Fear or Favour offers their clients the tools to better understand the true and honest value of their media expenditure whilst also empowering companies to have better control of their brand spendings.